Uber for Kids

One of the biggest challenges for parents raising young children is transporting their kids to school and after-school activities.  For working couples, school gets out inconveniently in the middle of the afternoon.  The challenge is further compounded if their kids are active in sports that have several practices and meets during the week.

Here are three startups that are tackling this problem by creating “Uber for Kids” offerings. 

1.     Shuddle – Shuddle touts the safety of their system they call “ShuddleSafe”.  They hire drivers who will use their own cars.  Drivers have undergone extensive screening and background checks.  They also offer the ability for parents to track the ride while it’s in progress.  A ride costs a minimum of $15.  They also offer carpooling for $8 per family per ride.  (The service is currently offered in the San Francisco Bay Area). 
2.     Boost – Offered by Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Boost is similar to Shuddle except kids are driven in Mercedes Boost vans.  A ride costs $22 with discounts for bundled purchases.  They offer carpool savings where parents get rebates by recruiting other families.  (The service is currently offered in areas around Palo Alto CA).
3.      HopSkipDrive – Created by three moms, HopSkipDrive is similar to Shuddle.  Rides start at $20 with bundle savings.  (The service is currently offered in Greater Los Angeles).

So far these rideshares for kids services are highly rated and combined have racked up millions of miles of rides.  Have you used any of these services?  Please share your experiences?  Also, what do you think of the costs?


Hugh, my wife and I use Shuddle for our kids. So far it has been a very good experience. The price of course is relative to the value they provide. Given we both work full time, the cost is small compares to the loss in time it would take to do it ourselves. We have our kids IM us when they are picked up to let us know if everything is OK. Overall, I find the service valuable and kick myself for not starting this 2 years ago when we first thought about the idea. Please let me know if you need more details. Good luck in your search.
Anonymous said…
Shuddle is very good as long as you plan and book with good enough lead time.
Hugh Molotsi said…
Kango (http://www.kangadoapp.com/) is another service in San Francisco. They also offer babysitting services. They charge a $9 monthly fee and rides start at $16. Kango was the first of these competitive services to apply for a license to drive unaccompanied minors (http://www.inc.com/replacemeplease1456175877.html).