Bionic University Launch

I had the pleasure this week of traveling to Ukraine to attend the launch of Bionic University.  "BIONIC University is an open corporate university focused on tech education, soft skills and entrepreneurship education in Ukraine, serving as a social escalator for young talents and as a source of qualified workforce for the IT industry." 

The university is part of a larger project, the Bionic Hill Innovation Park, which will combine the university, commercial and residential space to create an IT hub to help spur growth of the IT sector in Ukraine (Ukraine is one of the top producers of engineering university graduates in the world).  The first buildings of the Innovation Park will open in 2015.

See news footage from the launch event.  Below are photos from launch day (Friday September 27th):

Meeting Volodymyr Semynozhenko, Chair of the Parliament Committee on Sciences and Technology.

Outside the cabinet offices with (L-R): Roman Popadiuk (First US Ambassador to the Ukraine and Principal at Bingham McCutchen), Gabriel Baldinucci (Chief Strategy Officer, Singularity Labs), Ilja Gruen (Managing Partner, Silicon Valley Innovation Center), yours truly, and Victor Galasiuk (First VP of BIONIC Hill Innovation Park)

Meeting at the office of Olexander Popov, the Head of Kyiv City State Administration.

Speaking at at the City State Administration.

At the launch ceremony (L-R): Dimitri Podoliev (Managing Partner, iHub Incubator), Ilja Gruen, Volodymyr Semynozhenko, Gabriel Baldinucci, and yours truly.

The ceremonial opening of the university as Vice Prime Minister Kostiantyn Gryshchenko cuts the ribbon.

At the press conference after the launch ceremony (L-R): Dmitry Shymkiv (GM, Microsoft Ukraine), Iwona Dmochowska (Education Services Manager, Hewlett-Packard Poland), Victor Galasiuk, Gabriel Baldinucci, yours truly, and our moderator Pavlo Sheremeta (President of the Kiev School of Economics).
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