The End of a Beautiful Chapter

My first Intuit badge.
After 22 ½ years, my tenure as an Intuit employee comes to an end this week.  I’ve been blessed with a wonderful career there working with phenomenal colleagues to build revolutionary products to improve our customers’ financial lives.

I’ve enjoyed what has felt like a front row seat watching technology dramatically change the world.  When I joined Intuit in January 1993, it was before web browsers, digital cameras, smartphones, cloud computing, the sharing economy and selfies.  And yes, it was back when high top fades were in style!

Through all these changes, Intuit strived to take advantage of emerging technologies to “simplify the business of life” including things like running your small business, paying bills, or filing taxes.  My first job at Intuit was a developer on QuickBooks for DOS.  We’ve come a long way since then!  

I’ve had the privilege of helping launch numerous new businesses at Intuit.  Most of them didn’t pan out but there were a few notable big successes like Intuit Payments and QuickBooks Enterprise.  I’m grateful my time at Intuit has cultivated my strong passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, which continues into my next chapter.

Next up for me is fulfilling my long held personal ambition of helping entrepreneurs build successful companies.  I’m already an advisor and investor in a handful of startups and look forward to contributing to more entrepreneurial ventures.  I’ll have more to share in the upcoming months.  Please stay tuned!